Dear Parents,

     I believe that STEAM is an educational powerhouse.  STEAM places 21st century skills in the hands of students.  I am privileged to be teaching these skills to students at Highland and State Street Elementary Schools.

Highland: A, C, D, E days                                                       State Street: B day


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  In the STEAM lab, students will connect their learning from all subject areas through cross-curricular projects.  Our projects will be aligned to the PA Core Standards and will draw on inspiration from our reading and math series. We will strive to make real-world connections and provide authentic learning experiences for students.

   The STEAM lab will be a place where students are encouraged to make mistakes so they can learn and grow. 


Full STEAM Ahead!

   Below is an overview of our first nine weeks projects!


Kindergarten:  Students are  completing nursery rhyme STEAM challenges.  We have completed challenges from Little Red Riding Hood, Henny Penny, and Hey Diddle, Diddle.


These kindergarten students created a zip line.  The students were given the task of transporting a basket of goodies safely from Little Red Riding Hood’s house to grandma’s house. 


1st Grade:  Students are designing and building houses for the 3 Little Pigs.  The structures should be strong enough to withstand a puff of air from Big Bad Wolf.  In our experiments,  we used a blow dryer to imitate the Big Bad Wolf.



These first grade boys constructed a house out of bricks to keep their pigs safe from the Big Bad Wolf.


2nd Grade:  Students are creating pet rocks and designing playground equipment that can hold their pet rocks.  Students will work as a team to design and create a twisty slide, jungle gym, and other playground equipment.


These second graders are designing a jungle gym for their pet rocks. 


3rd Grade:  Students are learning about aerodynamics.  The students will use this knowledge to fly their airplane using Power Up 3.0.  Power Up 3.0 is an app controlled paper airplane.


   These third grade students are learning about aerodynamics.


4th Grade: Students are learning about forces and motion through the Hot Wheels Speedometry curriculum.


These fourth grade students are using Hot Wheels to study kinetic and potential energy.


5th Grade:  Students are researching Native Americans. They are engineering models of Native American dwellings. 


   These fifth graders worked as a team to complete the Native American dwelling challenge.


6th Grade:  Students are completing a water rocket unit. Students are using water and air pressure to propel a rocket.  Students are learning how to calculate the height of something using a clinometer.


These sixth grade students are using a clinometer to measure the height of the flag pole.