On March 29, 2019 the Ambridge Area School District was pleased to announce the participation of 30 students in the “Build on Careers in Construction and Allied Industries” at the David l. Lawrence Convention Center presented by the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania. Alongside the Builders Guild, sponsors included Peoples and CNX, US Steel, Duquesne Light Company and Shell Chemicals of Pennsylvania. During this time, students were given the opportunity to make valuable connections to, not only community and local employers, but also the Trades and Unions including but not limited: Carpenters, Bricklayers and Allied Crafts, Ironworkers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Boilermakers, Insulators, Plumbers, Electricians and the Laborers Union.


During their time at the trades fair, students participated in interactive activities with the regional building trade unions, industry partners, tool and product suppliers, and experienced a host of games and virtual trainings. Students also spoke first hand with apprentices, training directors, recruiters and others who provided greater insight into well-paying, sustainable careers and career avenues from apprenticeships to journeyman in Western Pennsylvania. The students also learned about educational pathways through no-cost apprenticeship programs, two and four year degree programs offered by area colleges and universities, and endorsed pre-apprenticeship programs for after high school.


All senior members were encouraged to bring copies of their resumes to hand to potential employers and for discussing career pathways with members of the industries at this time.

Mrs. Debona, Ms. Benedict and Mr. Groom with the assistance of Mrs. Brewer accompanied the students on the trades fair and received first hand instruction on the jobs the Shell plant and local unions are endorsing for future employment, and had the opportunity to hear Governor Wolf’s future plans for Western Pennsylvania.   The direction for employment is high in the labor field and continues to branch out to not only college pathways but to careers in the unions and the trades for future success after high school. The educators encouraged the students to also consider pathways in the trades and to speak to recruiters, and were able to bring back a vast array of knowledge to the student body as a whole. As one of the representatives from IBEW had stated, “Four year colleges are no longer the only route…we will continue to educate the need for the unions  and the trades at this time for a sustainable career."


The Community College of Beaver County is also holding an “Apprenticeship Readiness Program” where students can interact with 16 building and construction trade unions and tour several trades and unions tour sites during this time. For enrollment, students are encouraged to call CCBC at 724-480-3448 and ask to speak to an admissions counselor for the “Apprenticeship Readiness Program.” Any students wishing to pursue the trades or unions are encouraged to speak with members of the guidance team at any time for information. Please feel free to call 724-266-2833, ext. 2377 with any questions you may have.