Seeds of Change 3Seeds of Change HS




By Dinah Bailey
AAHS Sophomore


Five Ambridge High School students, along with Mr. Roos and Mrs. Green, attended the “Seeds of Change” event, held at the Chatham University Eden Hall Campus, on Monday, March 4th, 2019. 


The focus of this conference expressed ideas of sustainability, and similar environmental issues. For the first part of the conference, the students observed other Pittsburgh area school’s projects. The projects all focused on how their school was introducing the practice of sustainability. One group discussed the benefits of using metal utensils in the cafeteria, rather than plastic and another school discussed how their garden is impacting their school and community. All of these projects allowed the Ambridge attendees to grow in their knowledge about the environment at a community level and to see the contribution to reducing environmental impact that other schools are promoting. 


In the second part of the conference, the students had the opportunity to take part in circle discussions led by adult guests. Guests consisted of state legislators, council members, leaders of non-profit environmental groups, and more. This allowed discussions to be diverse and individualized.  The youth in attendance were encouraged to express their opinions and ideas, while the adults took time to listen. Overall, at this conference, the students gained useful knowledge that can help them to explore career opportunities, as well as to allow them to add perspective to the current aquaponics project they are working on as this year's Ecology Club initiative.