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Dash and Beebot Robots paraded down the State Street hallway today.  After reading Balloons over Broadway by Melissa Sweet, 2nd grade STEAM students decorated robots for a State Street parade.  Students decorated and drove Beebots or Dash in the parade.  Dash was equipped with a xylophone attachment.   Students used the xylophone to program Dash to play music during the parade. 



See the video here:  State Street Holiday STEAM Parade


BCET Teacher of the Year 2


Congratulations to Ambridge STEAM Educator/Technology Integrator Nicole Darroch for being selected as a 2019 Beaver County Educational Trust Teacher of the Year!


Mrs. Darroch was recognized for her contributions to education in Beaver County during a special awards ceremony, held May 20 at The Willows. Mr. Scott Stump, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, served as the Keynote Speaker for the event.

BCET Teacher of the Year

The Ambridge Area School District is pleased to announce that one of its teachers has been nominated for Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year recognition.

Mrs. Nicole Darroch, a K-5 STEAM Educator and Technology Integrator for Highland and State Street elementary schools, was nominated for PA Teacher of the Year by the Beaver County Educational Trust (BCET). BCET announced its nomination of Mrs. Darroch on Friday, Sept. 27.

“We are so excited to nominate Nicole for this honor,” said Mrs. Jamie Connelly, BCET Executive Director. “Nicole was honored at the BCET Coming Together for Education event in May as one of the BCET Teachers of the Year. In 2018, Nicole’s award-winning grant was focused on Storytime STEAM packs. BCET is proud to support enthusiastic teachers like Nicole for their creativity, ingenuity and dedication.”

The PA Teacher of the Year Program is co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National State Teacher of the Year. The program recognizes excellence in teaching by honoring K-12 educators in public education who have made outstanding academic contributions to school-aged children in Pennsylvania. The nomination process for teachers for the 2021 program is underway. Educators, parents, students and community members are encouraged to acknowledge the efforts of teachers in their community through the nominations process. Twelve finalists will be selected from the applications received.

“I am honored by the nomination,” said Mrs. Darroch. “The Beaver County Educational Trust supports great educational efforts throughout Beaver County. I appreciate their recognition of the work I have done in the elementary STEAM programs at Highland and State Street.”

In addition to her latest nomination, Mrs. Darroch also has received the following recognition:

  • Beaver County Teacher of the Year 2019;

  • STEAM Catalyst Grant Recipient – Allegheny Intermediate Unit ($7,500 grant in September 2018);

  • Target Field Trip Grant Recipient (December 2018);

  • Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation Teacher of the Month (March 2017);

  • Beaver County Educational Trust Grant Recipient (2015, 2017, 2018 & 2019); and

  • Society of Analytical Chemists Equipment Grant Recipient (2016 & 2018).


STEAM students participated in the largest learning event in history!

Computer Science Education Week

December 4-10

STEAM students will participate in computer science education throughout the 2nd nine weeks.  :  The Hour of Code is a global movement that introduces tens of millions of students worldwide to computer science, inspiring kids to learn more, breaking stereotypes, and leaving them feeling empowered.  


Here are some examples of their work:

Flappy Bird



Sports Game:

Star Wars





Highland hosted a Family STEAM night on February 22.  Students and their families participated in an evening of fun, hands-on activities and challenges.   The evening included cookies provided by Highland’s PTO and door prizes. 


There were nine interactive stations: 

Station #1 – Little Bits  Little Bits are a platform of electronic building blocks.  The bits snap together with magnets.  Families invented something using Little Bits. 

Station #2 - Legos and Blocks  Families were challenged to build a replica of the Washington Monument. 

Station # 3 – Art Bot Using a cup, marker, toothbrush, and tape, families worked to invent an Art Bot that created art autonomously. 

Station #4 – Gears, Gears, Gears Families engaged critical thinking skills as they engineered with colorful gears.

Station #5 – Bee Bot Families programed our Bee Bots to follow commands. 

Station #6 – Famous Failures – Families read through examples of famous people who turned failure into success. 

Station #7 – Puzzlets This award winning tech-ed platform combines hands on play with interactive gaming.  Station #8 – Squishy Circuits Families built circuit together and explored electricity.

Station #9 – Used Book Sale Thank you to the Interact clubs at the Jr. High and High School for collecting used books for the sale. 


The evening was made possible through a grant from Highmark, Shell, and the Beaver County Educational Trust.


Special thanks are extended to Mrs. Hoover, the Highland PTO, and the volunteers for the evening - Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Fedora, Caylin Fedora, Mrs. Kuhel, Ms. J. Kuhel, Mrs. Bupp, Mrs. Bell, Savannah Bell, Talan Bell, Sami Freed, Riley Sas, and Mr. and Mrs. Webb.  Thank you also to Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. McCoy, Goldie and Jane. 


6th grade:  Students are researching earthquakes.  They are designing an earthquake-proof structure.  Students will work in teams and assume the role of architect, treasurer, or project manager.


5th Grade:  Students are researching Native Americans and they are engineering models of Native American dwellings. 


These girls are constructing a Native American dwelling called a Chickee.

4th Grade: Students are learning about Forces and Motion through the Hotwheels Speedometry curriculum.  


These fourth grade boys are using Hot Wheels cars and tracks to learn about potential and kinetic energy.

3rd Grade:  Students are learning about circuitry using Little Bits.  Little Bits are electronic building blocks.     


These third grade boys collaborate as they work with Little Bits.

2nd Grade:  Students are creating pet rocks and designing playground equipment that can hold their pet rocks.  Students will work as a team to design and create a twisty slide, jungle gym, and other playground equipment.

1st Grade:  Students are designing and building houses for the 3 Little Pigs.  The structures should be strong enough to withstand a puff of air from Big Bad Wolf (a blowdryer)!


These first grade girls constructed a house out of bricks to keep their pigs safe from the Big Bad Wolf.

Kindergarten:  Students will be completing nursery rhyme STEAM challenges!  We have completed challenges from Humpty Dumpty and Hey Diddle, Diddle.


These kindergarten students created an egg protector for their Humpty Dumpty egg drop.


In STEAM, students in 3rd Grade have been using Little Bits, electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets, to learn about creating circuits! The power source blocks, input blocks and output blocks are all color coded, and they have been learning about how the input affects the output by tying in the Reading skill, "cause and effect!"