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The purpose of the program is to encourage students (cadets) to develop habits or orderliness and precision, respect for established authority, self-confidence, responsibility and high standards of personal honor and conduct.  Discipline will be a major factor in the program.  Responsibility and accountability will be paramount.

Since the cadets will be representing the United States Marine Corps, they will be required to adhere to the regulations set forth by the Uniform Regulations Manual concerning personal appearance and uniform wear.  Males are required to maintain a proper haircut and are not permitted to wear earrings in the classroom or during any JROTC Activity.

There is NO obligation to any student (cadet) to join the military after high school, although the benefits are numerous to a cadet if he/she decides to join the military and/or applies for a military scholarship to college.

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Cadets (male and female) are taught the principles and traits of leadership and how to apply them.  They are taught elementary military skills such as map reading, drills and ceremonies, military organization, good citizenship, and mental and physical fitness.  The cadets will be required to learn and improve their physical fitness abilities on a weekly basis.  There may be times after school attendance could be mandatory for drill purposes.

The cadets will be taught firearm safety and marksmanship using air rifles.  Each cadet will be encouraged to participate in the marksmanship program, although if requested, it need not be mandatory.

All cadets are eligible to participate in parades, drill meets, and various field trips to military bases and historical sites.  The cadets will provide community service for various civic organizations within the surrounding communities; cadets are promoted to a position for leadership (Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers) on the basis of demonstrated knowledge, performance and ability.  Each cadet is provided with uniforms and all workbooks and texts as needed.  Cadets are required to wear the uniform at least once per week, usually on Thursdays and on the days they are assigned flag raising duties.  There is no cost to the cadet for these uniforms, unless they abuse or lose them.  There will be a Uniform Inspection once every two weeks, which will be graded.

The training highlights of the year for the MCJROTC program are the Unit Inspection from the United States Marine Corps and the Orientation Trip the cadets take to a military base to experience actual training as Marines do, day to day.  Also, there will be a family oriented Annual Marine Ball with dinner and a ceremony,  all of which will be planned, prepared, and performed by the cadets.  Family members are encouraged to attend this wonderful event.

Prerequisite:  Be a citizen of the United States, possess good moral character, and be physically fit (in order to participate in the physical fitness program of JROTC).  Weight standards may be waived with certain restrictions.


0090 JROTC I      1st Year   Credit 1 Grades:   9 - 12

0092 JROTC II    2nd Year   Credit 1 Grades:  10 - 12

0094 JROTC III   3rd Year   Credit 1 Grades:  11 – 12

0096 JROTC IV  4th Year    Credit 1 Grades:  12



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