Keenan, Rebecca

Becky Keenan, PhD

PA Certified School Psychologist


  • Bachelor of Science from The College of William & Mary with concentrations in Neuroscience and Chemistry.
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Tiffin University with a concentration in Forensic Psychology.
  • Master of Science in Education from Duquesne University with a concentration in Child Psychology.
  • PhD in School Psychology from Duquesne University.

Professional Experience:

  • Pre-Doctoral Internship at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh with experience in The Day School, an approved private school (APS) for children with significant educational needs related to multiple disabilities and autism, and the inpatient rehabilitation unit, for children recovering from brain, spinal cord, and other orthopedic injuries/ illnesses/ surgeries as well as those being treated for feeding and chronic pain disorders.


  • Post-Doctoral Residency at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh with continued experience on the inpatient rehabilitation unit in addition to outpatient counseling and neurodevelopmental diagnostic evaluations.


  • Outpatient behavioral health clinician at The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh with experience counseling children and teens to address a wide variety of mental health concerns, including coping with medical complexity and chronic pain/ illness, as well as conducting early childhood diagnostic evaluations for autism, intellectual disability, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

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