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Bridger Hall Of Honor

The Bridger Hall of Honor seeks nominations of distinguished alumni each year for consideration. The award honors our notable alumni who have been outstanding in their professional accomplishments and have made significant achievements in their local/global communities. The Bridger Hall of Honor also provides inspiring role models for the students in our district and celebrates the distinguished achievements of our graduates. We have recognized several amazing alumni who have one factor in common: they began their journey as a Bridger!  For more information or to make a Bridger Hall of Honor nomination, please review the page below or call the Superintendent’s office at (724) 266-2833 Ext. 1263.

Bridger Hall of Honor Application


  • Nominees must have graduated from Ambridge Area School District at least 10 years prior to application
  • Nominees must have made significant community contributions and/or career-related accomplishments. (One-time distinctions or awards may be appropriate if they are at a national or state level).

Bridger Hall of Honor Members

2009 Inductees

2010 Inductees

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