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Social Workers

The Ambridge Area School District has two school social workers available to support students and families.  The social workers are available to share about local community resources with families in need.  They often assist in situations that require the care and compassion of a mental health professional.  Our social workers are grateful for the opportunity to work with families and connect them with supports that reach beyond the school setting. 


A major role of the school social workers is to monitor attendance.  We work in close collaboration with the Beaver County Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) in order to combat truancy.  One goal of our school social workers is to support students and their families as they deal with challenges that may result in multiple absences.  The Ambridge school social workers attempt to address truancy concerns early with a preventative focus.  The social workers schedule monthly meetings with the Beaver County Truancy program in order to continue regular communication with students and parents about attendance and prevent further unexcused absences.  By implementing Truancy Elimination Plans (TEPS) with students and families, social workers are often able to help students and their families to identify barriers to attendance and address them without further consequence. 

The main focus of our social workers is to provide social services as a related service to our students with IEPs.  Each social worker has a caseload of students, which they work with in either the individual or group setting to promote social and emotional learning.  Based on team decisions, the social workers also have students with 504s on their caseload.  Different curriculum for social skills groups is administered based on individual student needs.  With a focus on the obtaining and practicing of coping strategies, group sessions also often include practice with real-world scenarios.  Our social workers want to help our students to manage emotions in safe and productive ways within the school setting and also in the larger community.  Group and Individual social work services are added to IEPs based on the IEP team’s assessment of need. 

Our district social workers help with a lot of problem-solving and assistance within the district.  While the focus is often providing students with the related service of social work group and improving attendance, our social workers also help in other ways (connecting with local organizations, collaborating with other school social workers in the county, helping in crisis situations, assisting with grief and loss concerns, leading students in mediations, sponsoring clubs, consultation with staff, participating in SAP teams, etc.).  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help- if we don’t know the answer, we will work to connect you with someone that can help! 


Dear Ambridge Area School District Students and Families,  

We care about you and wish you all health and safety.  We have compiled a list of resources to meet some of the challenges you may be facing.  This is certainly not an exhaustive list of resources.  If you are aware of additional agencies or organizations that you feel may be of help, please reach out to one of our school social workers so that we can add them to our list.  In addition, the posting of this list is not an endorsement from the staff or school district.  Our goal is merely to share opportunities and resources that may be of use within our community. 

Resources for Parents During Covid-19 

Responding to Change and Loss 

National Alliance for Grieving Children 


Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association 


Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe (The emotional impact of Social Distancing and how to cope) 

American Psychological Association  emotional impact of social distancing APA 


Talking to Children About COVID-19:  A Parent Resource 

National Association of School Psychologists 


Creative Activities to Do With Kids At Home 

Art With Heart 


Internet Essentials by Comcast  

Reduced rate internet 


Lifeline Discount Program by Verizon 

Reduced rate internet 

Mental Health/Crisis Resources 

National Suicide Prevention Hotline  1-800-273-8255 


Beaver County Crisis    724-371-8060 

Please call if you or someone you know are in danger of hurting themselves or others.  Beaver County Crisis will send out a mobile unit if you cannot get to their facility in Beaver Falls, but you must call and be pre-screened first.  


Pressley Ridge    724-843-5320 

Offers a variety of mental health resources  

General Resources 

Beaver County System of Care  

This website offers a variety of resources for all ages and needs 


United Way dial 2-1-1 

A free and confidential service connecting families with resources 


The Cornerstone of Beaver County   724-846-6400 

Offers emergency housing and shelter assistance  

Hunger/Food Assistance 

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank 

Offering drive-thru hours during this time to help families in need  


Center for Hope   724-251-4899 

Call or check the website to view dates for food distribution and other potential programs  

Social Workers

Haase, Stephanie
Social Worker

Ambridge Area Middle School

724-266-2833 x3320

Schaffer, Sarah
Social Worker

Ambridge Area High School / Highland Elementary

AAHS: 724.266.2833 x2265

Highland: 724.266.2833 x7213

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