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Superintendent of Schools

Pasquerilla, Joseph
Superintendent of Schools

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Secretary to the Superintendent

June Mueller

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Dr. Joseph Pasquerilla is the newly appointed Superintendent of Schools. Pasquerilla was hired at the School Board Meeting held on Wednesday, February 12, 2020.  Pasquerilla previously worked in the Ambridge School District as the Assistant to the Superintendent and The Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from 2009-2012.

Before returning to Ambridge, Pasquerilla served as the Superintendent of Schools for the Bethel Park School District, a position he has held since July 2016. Prior to that appointment, he worked as the Superintendent of the Northgate School District for 4 years.

He began his teaching career in the West Middlesex Area School District in 2003, where he taught High School Social Studies until 2008. Following, he was appointed Principal of Northway Elementary School in the North Hills School District.

Dr. Pasquerilla also served as an Adjunct Instructor of Government at Butler County Community College from 2006-2008.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Education in 2002 from Youngstown State University; his Master of Science in Education in 2005 from Youngstown State University; and his Doctor of Education in April 2008 from the University of Pittsburgh. He earned his Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility from Westminster College. He is currently a member of the Forum for Western Pennsylvania School Superintendents.

“Serving as the Superintendent of Ambridge Area School District is an honor and privilege.  I sincerely look forward to meeting students, teachers, families, and community members that comprise this great District.  I am sincerely committed to upholding the important role of Superintendent with steadfast commitment and dedication” said Pasquerilla.

“I pride myself on being extremely visible and encourage you to take advantage of my open door policy.  I genuinely look forward to working with each of you as we build a longstanding partnership, working side-by-side to ensure that Ambridge Area is a great place to learn and grow”.


October 1, 2021

The Ambridge Area Board of Directors will evaluate the Superintendent on the following objective performance standards for the 2022-2023 school year:

District Operations and Financial Management:  Superintendent manages effectively ensuring completion of activities associated with the budget; oversees the distribution and use of resources in the District; and directs a forward thinking approach to District operational activities.

Student Growth and Achievement:  Superintendent uses multiple data sources to assess student success and growth, as appropriate.  Annual or other district performance objectives are articulated, measured and reported to the Board of School Directors relative to student growth and achievement on PDE-required assessments including, but not limited to, PSSA, PVAAS, Keystone Exams and other locally determined measures.

Organizational Leadership:   Superintendent works collaboratively with the Board and with the Administration to develop a vision for the District.  The Superintendent demonstrates an ability to identify and resolve problems affecting the organization, works collaboratively with the Administration to ensure best practices for instruction, supervision, curriculum development and management are being utilized, and works to influence the climate and culture of the District in a positive manner.

Professionalism:    Superintendent continues to model professional decision-making processes and ethical standards consistent with the values of the Pennsylvania public education system and of the community.

Per the Board Dr. Pasquerilla has met his goals for the 2022-2023 school year

August 10, 2022:

The evaluation of the District Superintendent is a critical responsibility of the Board of School Directors.  The Performance Evaluation of Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Pasquerilla, was completed for the 2021-2022 school year and all performance standards were met.  The evaluation was based on the assessment of performance standards in various areas, including District Operations and Financial Management, Student Growth and Achievement, Organizational Leadership, Professionalism.


Assistant to the Superintendent

King, Barry
Assistant to the Superintendent, District’s Safety Officer, Safe2Say Primary Contact, Right-to-Know Open Records Officer, Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund (PSDLAF) Primary Contact, Title IX Coordinator

Central Administration

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Mr. Barry King currently holds the position of the Assistant to the Superintendent.   He was hired as the Assistant Principal at the Senior High School in 2007.  He has also served as the Principal at State Street  in 2009, Director of Assessment and Special Projects in 2014, Director of Academic Affairs in 2018 and most recently the Substitute Superintendent in 2020.

He earned his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1997 from Slippery Rock University; his Master of Education in 2001 from Edinboro University; and his Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility from Gannon University in 2012.

Mr. King resides in Beaver County with his wife and two children.

In addition, Mr. King holds the following positions within the district:

  1. District’s Safety Officer
  2. Safe2Say Primary Contact
  3. Right-to-Know Open Records Officer
  4. Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund (PSDLAF) Primary Contact
  5. Title IX Coordinator

Director of Business and Operations

Amadio, Michelle
Business Manager and Director of Operations

Business Office

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Mrs. Michelle Amadio was hired in November 2023

Central Administration

Filipowski, Amy
Director of Special Education/Transportation Director

Pupil Services

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Corazzi, Leonard
Interim Business Manager

Business Office



Building Administration

Galitsis, Aphrodite

Economy Elementary School

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Hull, Stephanie

Highland Elementary School

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Hoover, Jo Ann

State Street Elementary

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Heard, Ronnell

Ambridge Area Middle School

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Zupsic, Janice

Ambridge Area High School

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