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  1. Yearbooks are now ready to purchase!  Please go to yearbookforever.com to order yours. The easiest way to order is online with a debit/credit card. The cost is $65
  2. Senior Tributes – Seniors and their families will now be able to upload their own photos and design their own tribute to be placed in the back of the high school yearbook. Your own message and one or more photos may be used depending on the size of the page you purchase (1/8 page, 1/4 page, or 1/2 page).  Tributes are due by December 31st.  Go to yearbookforever.com to design your tribute now.
  3. Senior Pictures – Senior pictures are due by December 9th.  You can e-mail the photo to aahsyearbook@ambridge.k12.pa.us. 


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