Laptop Distribution Schedule


Dear Parents and/or Guardians of Students in Grade 6-12,

The Ambridge Area School District is launching a technology initiative to provide devices to all students in grades K-12.  Below you will find specific information regarding the distribution of student laptops scheduled to occur on August 24-26, 2020.   All parents should arrive at their scheduled time.   We have created time slots by GRADE and by first letter of your STUDENT LAST NAME.   Please refer to the attached schedule to determine your device pick-up time.  It is important to use your scheduled time to avoid large crowds at the High School.

Before you arrive:

  1. We are asking that everyone have the Responsible Use Policy and the Student Device Agreement printed, read, and signed BEFORE you come to the High School.   If your paperwork is complete, it will speed up the distribution process.
  2. Please bring at least one form of identification.   If the AASD staff member onsite cannot verify your identity, you will be asked to show ID.

When you arrive:

To move over 1,300 people in and out of the High School parking lot we have set up three stations.   The stations are color-coded (see attached map).

  • RED is located at the Main Entrance (Bridge)
  • BLUE is located at the Stadium Entrance
  • GREEN is located at the Field House
  1. When you pull into the parking lot, you will find your station based on the attached chart.  An AASD staff member will direct you to a parking space.
  2. Once parked, you will turn in a signed copy of PAGE 4 of the Responsible Use Policy (attached) and the Student Device Agreement (attached).
  3. Once you turn in your paperwork, you will be handed a Device Form (Green Paper).   This signals our AASD staff that your signed paperwork has been received.  Please review the document while we retrieve your assigned Laptop.
  4. Once you receive your Laptop from the AASD staff member, you will verify that it is assigned to your child.   We will power the device on to verify that is in good working order.
  5. Sign and initial the Device Form and turn it into an AASD staff member.

Additional Information:  

  • Traffic only flows one way into the High School Parking Lot.   Please enter the lot from Duss Avenue near the entrance to the building and exit the parking lot near the Field House side of the parking lot.   A parking lot attendant will assist you.
  • If you have multiple children in Grades 6-12, you can pick up all of the student laptops during one visit.   However, you must have a Responsible Use Policy and Student Device Agreement signed for each student.
  • Student iPads (K-5) that have not yet been picked up will be distributed from the green station at the field house during specific times on Monday (8/24) and Tuesday (8/25).  Please refer to schedule below.


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