Grade 8-11 Scheduling Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This year Ambridge Area High School will be again taking an electronic approach to the course selection process that includes the following:

  • Students will meet with their teachers individually, in this meeting the teacher will discuss the recommended core course for the next school year.
  • Teacher will enter recommended course into Tyler.
  • Students will be instructed during class meetings on how to complete this process, including submitting electives. If your student is not able to attend the meeting, sessions will be recorded for them to view.  In addition, teachers are available to assist.  Class meeting will be held on the following dates:

8th to 9th grade – 1/21/21 and 1/22/21

9th to 10th grade – 1/25/21 and 1/26/21

10th to 11th grade – 1/21/21 – 5th period

11th to 12th grade – 1/22/21 – 5th period

  • A 2 week window will open, students then log onto their Tyler account to select recommended courses, choose electives and submit – 1/25/21 – 2/5/21
  • Window closes; individual student sheets will be printed and mailed home to the parent or guardian with course selections.
  • Parent signs off and return course selection sheet.
  • Any changes will be submitted to the guidance office by 2/12/21.
  • If a parent would like to override a teacher recommendation, the proper paper work will be available for sign off.
  • Once course demands are made, the administration will create a master schedule based upon the need of recommended courses.

The course of studies book is available online at, -> Services ->  Guidance and Counseling -> Course Selection Book

Families will then be able to view the courses that are available at the high school. Please note that every effort will be made to create a schedule that will accommodate your child’s requests, understanding that this is an intricate process and alternative course selections may be necessary.

It is our hope that this approach will streamline our scheduling process for next year. In addition, we invite you to view the power point that was shown to students. Should you or your child have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the guidance department.



Ambridge Area School District

Student Demand Tally PowerPoint
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