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Attention Parent/Guardians:

On Behalf of the Beaver County Career and Technology Center: The Beaver County CTC offers a variety of programs designed to meet students’ educational needs and career goals. Students who have an interest and desire to pursue career or technical education work closely with the Beaver County CTC Career Counselor and the High School to facilitate the enrollment process.

All students apply for admission through the below on-line link for their programs of choice on the webpage portal. A certificate of completion from the Beaver County CTC will be presented to students who have successfully completed their curriculum at our graduation ceremony. There are a limited number of students accepted into a program to allow for individualized, high-skilled instruction. To be considered for enrollment, students should have their application on file at the Beaver County CTC by April 1, 2021. In the months preceding enrollment, students are presented with course information by a Beaver County CTC Representative assigned at their school and they are also invited to tour the Beaver County CTC during the day or attend our open house in the evening during the month of October of any given academic year.

If you have a high school student entering their junior year and they would like to enroll at Beaver County CTC? That’s AWESOME! You and your student just made THE BEST DECISION TO AID IN THE SUCCESS FOR YOUR FUTURE! You may end up saving a lot of money by not having to take out as much in student loans… PLUS, you may save yourself valuable time by not having to go to college as long… You are permitting yourself to get a head start in your chosen profession before you graduate. Wait until you see what you can accomplish… You should be proud of yourself! We are looking forward to having YOU as a student! A few reminders:

* Due to quotas for each of our programs, please fill out the online application by April 1, 2021.
* There is no application fee to apply to BCCTC.
* The application and your information will be sent to BCCTC for it to be processed.
* Please consider selecting more than one Program of Study (POS) (https://www.bcctc.org/programs/) as some programs may have a waiting list.
* If you cannot decide between a couple of programs, speak with your district school counselor to set up a visit.
* Once the application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the applying student, the parent/guardian, and the district liaison.
* The following program is a recommended (3) year program: Cosmetology (https://www.bcctc.org/programs/service/cosmetology/)
* Please use Chrome when filling out the application on-line

Further information about the Beaver County Career and Technology Center can be found at: www.bcctc.org (http://www.bcctc.org)

Thank you,

Beaver County Career and Technology Center in c/o Ambridge Area School District High School

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