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High School Principal Message

Welcome to Ambridge Area High School. Here at our High School, we want our students to get the most out of their educational experience to help them attain  the best  future. In order to do that, we encourage our students to involve themselves in one of our many student clubs and activities. Also, in order to be truly successful, students need to attend school regularly and on time. By being in school regularly, a student has the greatest opportunity for success.

We are proud to be a part of the National Math and Science Initiative. This program gave our district a grant of up to $750,000. This grant provides three years of training, active support, and curricular materials to our English, Math and Science departments. Students in grades 3-11 and our AP courses will benefit from this initiative.   We are currently able to offer 13 AP courses.  Additionally, in order to support our college-bound students, we offer coordinated College in High School opportunities. These students can obtain college credit while in high school. We are also in partnership with the Community College of Beaver County, and our students have the opportunity to gain college credits through the Dual Enrollment Academies.

Our high school has also formed a partnership with one of our local businesses, PittMoss. Our Life Skills students and other students are working through the program, which will help them gain valuable employment skills. We also have a few students who are participating in a work-based program and on a paid-work experience. Both opportunities are giving our students real-world skills that transfer to the workforce.

We have a strong partnership with the Beaver County Career and Technical Center where our students can gain educational training in a variety of career paths including electrical, carpentry, masonry, automotive, cosmetology,  veterinary technician, and health occupations.

So, try a new course, make a change, and you may find your calling.

Wherever your path may lead, Ambridge Area High School will help you get there.


Dr. Janice L. Zupsic, Principal

Zupsic, Janice

Ambridge Area High School

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